Centralize your research team’s
data management.

GakuNin RDM solves the challenges of leading a research team.


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you can do with

GakuNin RDM

  • Project/
    member management
  • Storage connection
  • Timestamping
  • Web service integration
  • Data analysis
  • Data publication
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Benefits of using GakuNin RDM

For management

  • Distribute institutional storage to researchers
  • Consolidate storage to reduce costs and increase visibility
  • Implement data management plan
  • Promote research integrity

For researchers and lecturers

  • Manage various data in one place
  • Assign appropriate access rights for each member
  • Share data with collaborators and students
  • Comply with institution’s data management policies

For students

  • Share research materials with professors and teammates
  • Save papers and experimental data in a reliable storage
  • Recover important data that has been accidentally overwritten
  • Run an analysis program created by a senior
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