User Manual

Overview of the data analysis function

The data analysis function provides data analysis environments in which you can write and run Python and/or R programs. Features include:

  • Build your own analysis environment just by clicking a button. Start programming with JupyterLab and RStudio in a few minutes.
  • Your analysis environment will be built as a container on a cloud computer. No need to install analysis software on your PC.
  • The Python and R packages specified at the build time will be installed in your analysis environment. The environment definition that includes these package information is saved in GakuNin RDM's default storage and shared within the project.
  • The files in GakuNin RDM's default storage will be copied to your analysis environment.
  • Output files such as analysis results can be written back to GakuNin RDM by one click.

In this way, by sharing the environment definition, the programs, the input data, and the output data within a GakuNin RDM project, your research data analysis will be made much smoother than ever.