User Manual

Overview of the metadata management function

The GakuNin RDM metadata management function provides a metadata management function that can be used when depositing research outputs into repositories and submitting research reports. The following features are supported.

  • 【File metadata management function】 You can edit metadata about files managed by GakuNin RDM projects (File Metadata). By managing your file metadata in your daily research activities, you can use it to write documents and perform other tasks related to your research outputs.
  • 【Project metadata management function】 You can edit and register metadata about GakuNin RDM projects (Project Metadata). By registering each file metadata edited in daily research activities to a project metadata, it can be exported in the format that can be used for research reports.
  • By setting your e-Rad researcher number in your GakuNin RDM profile, you can efficiently input items such as researcher name and project information when editing metadata.

Thus, GakuNin RDM metadata can be used to help manage various types of information that are difficult to collect when reporting research progress.

For information on how to edit and register file metadata and project metadata, see Editing a metadata for your file and Editing and registering a metadata for your project, respectively, in the User Manual.