User Manual

Enabling the metadata management function

The metadata management function is provided as an add-on. It is not available immediately after creating a project. Please follow the steps below to activate the add-on for each project. For details on the add-on functions, please refer to Add-ons in the User Manual.

Enabling the add-on

1.Adding the add-on to your project

Click "Add-ons" on the navigation bar, move to "Select Add-ons", and enable "Metadata".



Confirm that the item labeled "Metadata" appears in the navigation bar.


Input your e-Rad researcher number (optional)

If your e-Rad researcher number has been set in your GakuNin RDM user profile, the metadata edit/registration page automatically fills in the researcher and project information in the metadata items related to the e-Rad researcher number. To set your e-Rad researcher number, open the "ID" tab of the Profile Information and enter your e-Rad researcher number in the "Your e-Rad number" field. For details on the Profile Information, please refer to the Settings Screen in the User Manual.


Auto-filled information is based on the information registered on e-Rad(*). GakuNin RDM does not allow users to change the information used for auto-filling.

(*) Auto-filling is available only if the conversion table between e-Rad Issue ID and Japan Grant Number has been provided by the Cabinet Office to NII and the researcher has agreed to link their e-Rad information to the NII RDC.