User Manual

Enabling the data analysis function

The data analysis function is provided as an add-on. It is not available when a project is created. Please follow the steps below to activate the add-on for each project. For details on the add-on functions, please refer to Add-ons in the User Manual.

  1. Enabling the add-on

    Click "Add-ons" on the navigation bar, move to "Select Add-ons", and enable "GakuNin Federated Computing Services (Jupyter)".

  2. Confirmation

    Confirm that the item labeled "Computation" appears in the navigation bar.

  3. Analysis Environments Manager

    Clicking on "Analysis" on the navigation bar will take you to the Analysis Environment Manager. An overview of the larger fields is as follows.

    1. My environments

      A list of analysis environments that have already been built is displayed in this field. In a new project, this field is empty.

    2. New environment

      This is where you build your new environment.