User Manual

Organizing (Linking) Projects

You can organise projects according to their purposes by using the project linking function to link existing projects to a certain project.


As a prerequisite, you need to be logged into GakuNin RDM and the project top page is displayed.

Create a Link

Click "Link Project" from the "Components" field on the top page.

Create a Link.png

Select the Project to Link and Create a Link

When the project list pop-up is displayed, select the "+ button" to the left of the project name to be linked and click "Done".
*When the "+ button" is selected, it changes to a "- button". This means that the project has been selected to be linked.



Complete Creating Link

When the link is created, you will be redirected to the top screen.


Delete a Link

To delete a link, click on the "X button" to the right of the link in the "Components" field.


A pop-up will be displayed asking if you wish to delete the link. If there is no problem, click "Delete".