User Manual

Deleting a Subproject (Component)

Sub-projects (components) are child projects that can be created hierarchically under a project.


As a prerequisite, you need to be logged into GakuNin RDM and the project top page is displayed.

Delete a Component

From the "Components" field on the top page, click the "..." button to the right of the name of the component you wish to delete.


When you click the "..." button, a menu appears. Click "Delete".


Select Component to Delete

When a pop-up is displayed, tick the checkbox next to the name of the component to be deleted and click "Continue".
*You cannot click "Continue" until you have ticked the checkbox.


Confirm Deleting Component

When the selected component to be deleted is displayed, check that the selection is correct and enter the text string shown after "Enter the following text string to continue", then click "Delete".
*You cannot click "Delete" until you have entered the text string.


Complete Deleting Component

You will be redirected to the top screen; however, the deleted component remains on the display. So, please reload it first.