User Manual

Editing and registering a metadata for your project

Using the Project Metadata Editing and Registration function, file metadata in GakuNin RDM project stored in daily research activities can be organized and used for research reports.

The editing and registering function is also called "Workflow Edit Mode," which allows you to organize file metadata created in "Quick Edit Mode" in your daily research activities into formal project metadata to help you write your research reports.

Unlike file metadata, project metadata distinguishes between draft metadata being edited and registered metadata. Registered metadata cannot be changed. Project metadata can be registered in the GakuNin RDM for each annual research report, so that past project metadata can be referenced later.

Enabling the Metadata add-on

Please enable the metadata add-on by referring to "Enabling the metadata management function" in the User Manual. Also, please input your e-Rad researcher number (if you have).

Editing project metadata

To edit project metadata, please follow the instructions below.

1.Go to Project Metadata Management screen

Click "Metadata" on the navigation bar of the project screen. On this screen, you can refer to project metadata that is being edited or that has been registered in the past.


2.Create new project metadata

When you click "Create new metadata," a dialog box will appear requesting you to select a metadata schema. Select a schema of the project metadata you wish to edit.


3.Input each metadata field

A screen for inputting each metadata field will appear. Please input an appropriate information for each field.


4.Registering file metadata to the project metadata

Depending on the schema, a screen requesting registration of file metadata may appear.


In such a case, open the main screen of the project, select a file or folder with file metadata.


Click the "Register Metadata" button. A list of project metadata in draft status (unregistered) is displayed at the file metadata registration target. If the project name has not yet been input, it will be displayed as "No name".


Check the name of the project metadata for which you wish to register file metadata, and click "Select" to register the file metadata in the project metadata.


Registered file metadata can be changed to include or not include in project metadata, and the metadata can be edited until project metadata is registered.

5.Registering the project metadata

After registering file metadata to the project metadata, click "Review" to confirm the metadata. If all necessary values have been inputted, "Register" will be available. After confirming the metadata, click "Register."


Registered file metadata is reflected to the values at the time the project metadata is registered.

Exporting project metadata

From registered project metadata, you can export a CSV file that can be used for research reports. Click "Export" on registered project metadata to export a CSV file.